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Hello there and a warm welcome to my part of the internet. My name is Sven Cooke.

I am a UK based internet marketer and have been making an excellent 2nd Income online, for three years. I have created this blog to share advice on products and methods I have found useful.

There are so many ways to make money on the internet. I hope to provide you with support and useful information, with a guide to the products and tools that will help you make money online.

Please get in touch to share ideas. We can spread the word and share money making ideas.

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How to Use Google Adsense

What is Google AdSense?

Google.com earns most of its revenue by allowing other website owners to advertise on their search result pages. All this is managed through a program they call AdWords.

Now you can earn a share of the revenue that Google earns from AdWords by placing these same text ads on your site.  In other words, you’re helping Google advertise and they pay you a percentage of what they earn.

This program is called AdSense.

Every website owner should be involved in this.  It’s just too good of an opportunity to pass up.  Even if your site is just for information purposes, you can still participate and make decent money with AdSense — or at least enough to fund your website.

So if you are one of those people that don’t like the idea of paying for a site, this is an excellent way to earn your money back and then some.

Even if you earned as little as $10 in a month, it would more than likely cover some or all of the costs for your web site.  Perhaps you are simply looking for ways to add additional revenue to your website, then it’s perfect for that situation too.

This program is getting so popular, people are creating websites just to display the ads and profit from Google’s AdSense alone.

I don’t usually like to use the term “easy money” because there really is no such thing. You still have to create your own website and learn how to bring in traffic in order to make good money with this program.

I certainly don’t want to make it sound like you get something for doing absolutely nothing.  There’s no such thing.

However, I’ve got to say that AdSense is probably the closest you’ll ever come to fast money on the Internet — especially if you already have a website that gets a good amount of traffic.

What’s even better…the program is completely free.  You can also use it on multiple websites and there is no limit to the amount you can earn.

So I know what is Google Adsense, how do I get it?

If you go to google.com and do a search for almost any keyword phrase, you’ll notice some “Sponsored Links” that appear on the right side of the screen that are relevant to the keywords you just searched for.

Website owners pay Google to display these ads and are charged a predetermined amount every time their ad gets clicked by a web surfer. With the AdSense program, you will display these same text ads on your site just like Google and get paid for it as well.

All you do is copy and paste some provided HTML code into your pages and Voila! the ads will show up. Every time an ad is clicked on your site, you will receive a certain percentage of what Google receives from the advertiser.

Once your account reaches $100, you’ll receive a check in the mail.

It doesn’t get any easier!!

I hope this helps you understand what Google Adsense is.

If this article has helped you please lave a comment.

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Niche Research for Your Online Business

What is one of the most overlooked techniques for conducting niche research for your online business?

This is a question you should ask yourself if you want to develop your own online business. The answer is: The use of quotation marks, pluses and minuses. This is known as a Boolean search. It was named after George Boole, a 19th century English mathematician. He developed a logical process for solving problems, something that we take for granted today. But, what does this have to do with niche research for your online business?

niche 150x150 Niche Research for Your Online Business


The gist of his method was to reduce a large body of information into something smaller and more usable.

A Boolean search operates in the same way. Let’s say you want information about your dog, but you don’t know where to start. So you type in dog. This yields more than one billion of results. Then you remember that your dog is a puppy, so you type in the word puppy instead. That gives you more than 200 million returns; less than when you searched on dog, but still far too many to be of any use to you.

Niche research really makes a difference to your website or blog.

As you look down the list of possible web sites, you notice that most of them are about opportunities to buy a puppy. Since you already have one, you’re not really in the market to buy another one. So, this time you search for puppy -sale. But, that still gives you too many hits.

You glance down at your puppy for a moment and suddenly remember that you have a golden retriever. So this time you type puppy -sale +retriever. This combination yields less than 100 hits, a fraction of what you started with.

This is a good place for me to point out the reductionist method I mentioned earlier in this article. At first, you started with just one word. Although it eliminated much of the internet, it offered you too many sites. It was only by introducing more and more different criterion that you were able to reduce your options to something more manageable.

Let’s do one more search. This time we’ll use puppy -sale +retriever +”teach tricks”. When I wrote this article, there were no hits for this combination of these words. That tells us that our search is now too specific. We need to come up with some different word combinations to reduce the number from 70 down to say 20. Looking at 20 sites that are very specific are likely to provide you with the specific results that you want without forcing you to spending all morning looking at them. By doing this you have discovered some combinations and keywords, that can be used in your business, basic but very easy to achieve niche research.

So it is important to undertake Niche Research to develop your Online Business. Now you know how, what efficiencies can you introduce in your searching?Once you get an understanding of the principal you can use free or paid for tools such as Google Keyword Tool or Market Samurai to generate you lists of words to target. .

This article was developed by Bruce Hoag, see other articles from Bruce on http://ezinearticles.com.

Niche research is a foundation for the development of any online business.

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How to master SEO – The thoughts of Google

Google shows start up websites how to master SEO in their own ten minute video.

Google has released a video that provides start ups with tips and suggestions about how to master search engine optimization in just 10 minutes.

The video features advice catered to small businesses with main web content on less than 50 pages looking to rank only a handful of related search terms. From how to add the best keywords and including analytics code on your site to how to approach marketing in general, Google aims to make it easier for start ups to get their brands ranked higher on search result pages.

google page ranks How to master SEO – The thoughts of Google

In the video How to master SEO,  Maile Ohye, developer advocate on Google’s Webmaster Central Team says:

“It’s great to have a fancy site, but try not to focus so much on site fanciness that you don’t actually have indexable and searchable text. You want to use relevant keywords naturally in your text. These keywords are like query terms that normal people would use to find your product or your business.”

E.g. Companies that sell athletic footwear should include terms that are likely to be typed into search, such as “running shoes.” Also, each page should include a unique topic, title and meta description for the snippet that appears below the link listed on the Google search results page, but meta keywords tags aren’t needed. Keywords should be in the file name and typed with lower case letters.

The anchor text for each of your links should also be clear and include keywords, whether you are linking to your site or another. This means that “click here” is not descriptive enough phrase to highlight with a link. Instead, it should be “product specifications” or something that better matches the link with the content.

Ohye also points out some major things to avoid: “Do not hire any rogue or shady SEO [provider] — if they guarantee rankings, it’s too good to be true,” she says. “Don’t participate in link schemes or buying links for the purpose of passing PageRank.”

Another question often on the minds of start ups is whether they should invest time and resources into social media marketing.

“Play to your authentic strengths,” she added. “It’s likely that your company has limited resources so if your CEO likes to tweet, go ahead and let them. If you have a salesperson who really enjoys Facebook, that’s terrific… and let them interact with the community there.”

The company has been relatively candid recently about how a Google search works. In April, a Google software engineer head detailed in a YouTube video how Google scours the web on a daily basis to provide the most up-to-date results to users and last month, it released an info graphic about how a Google search travels around the world to bring the latest results.

With such market dominance the thoughts of Google on How to master SEO is important to digest and use.

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To know why Google Adsense is essential for your content sites you must understand how it works.

photo 8730 20091014 150x150 3 Reasons Why Adsense Is Essential For Content Sites

The concept is really simple, if you think about it. The publisher or the webmaster inserts a java script into a certain website. Each time the page is accessed, the java script will pull advertisements from the Adsense program. The ads that are targeted should therefore be related to the content that is contained on the web page serving the ad. If a visitor clicks on an advertisement, the webmaster serving the ad earns a portion of the money that the advertiser is paying the search engine for the click.

Adsense is essential to make additional funds

The search engine is the one handling all the tracking and payments, providing an easy way for webmasters to display content-sensitive and targeted ads without having the hassle to solicit advertisers, collect funds, monitor the clicks and statistics which could be a time-consuming task in itself. It seems that there is never a shortage of advertisers in the program from which the search engine pulls the Adsense ads. Also webmasters are less concerned by the lack of information search engines are providing and are more focused in making cash from these search engines.

Reason 1

The first reason why Google Adsense is essential for content sites is because it already has come a long way in understanding the needs of publishers and webmasters. Together with its continuous progression is the appearance of more advanced system that allows full ad customization. Webmasters are given the chance to choose from many different types of text ad formats to better complement their website and fit their webpage layout.

The different formatting enables the site owners the possibility of more click through from visitors who may or may not be aware of what they are clicking on. It can also appeal to the people visiting thus make them take that next step of looking up what it is all about. This way the people behind the Adsense will get their content read and making profit in the process.

Reason 2

The second reason why adsense is essential is the ability of the Adsense publishers to track not only how their sites are progressing but also the earnings based on the webmaster-defined channels. The recent improvements in the search engines gives webmasters the capability to monitor how their ads are performing using customizable reports that has the capacity to detail page impressions, clicks and click-through rates. Webmasters and publishers can now track specific ad formats, colors and pages within a website. Trends are also easily spotted.

With the real-time reporting at hand, the effectiveness of the changes made will be assessed quickly. There would be time to sort out the contents that people are making the most clicks on. The ever-changing demands would be met while generating cash for the webmasters and publishers. The more flexible tools are also allowing webmasters to group web pages by URL, domain, ad type or category, which will provide them some accurate insight on which pages, ads and domains are performing best.

Reason 3

The last and final reason why adsense is essential is that the advertisers have realized the benefits associated having their ads served on targeted websites. Thus increasing the possibility that a prospective web surfer will have an interest in their product and services. All because of the content and its constant maintenance. As opposed to those who are no using Adsense in their sites, they are given the option of having other people do their content for them, giving them the benefit of having successful and money-generating web sites.

Adsense is all about targeted content, the more targeted your content is, the more target the search engines’ ads will be. There are some web masters and publishers who are focused more on their site contents and how best to maintain them rather than the cash that the ads will generate for them. This is the part where the effectiveness is working its best.

There was a time when people were not yet aware of the money to be achieved from advertisements. The cash generated only came into existence when the webmasters and publishers realized how they can make Adsense be that generator. In those days, the content were the most important factors that is taken quite seriously. It still is. With the allure of money, of course.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

So Adsense is essential for those looking to make money online

button 3 Reasons Why Adsense Is Essential For Content Sites


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Writing articles is a great way to get traffic to your website. It is one of the best business-building activities you’ll ever invest time in on the Internet. They can be used in dozens of different ways to generate web site traffic, build lists, brand your name, earn affiliate commissions and produce sales of your products and services.

They are, unquestionably, a vital part of any successful Internet marketing campaign.

It’s easy to write them, distribute them and use them in your marketing. Yet there is a question, WHAT should I write about in my articles?

I want to share with you some brainstorming ideas that will allow you to easily come up with a couple dozen (or more) hot ideas for your upcoming articles. I’ll share seven  fill-in-the-blank article starters along with a brief explanation to help you get started writing attention grabbing content. When you’re ready to write your next article, consider one of these under used formulas.

1. What To Do When [Enter Problem Here]
The idea with this article is to offer a solution to an existing problem by matter-of-factly addressing the issue being discussed in the article. “What To Do When You Need To Lose That Last 5 Pounds” points out a problem many dieters face and hints that the article will reveal a method for overcoming this barrier. This article’s pointed style makes it a sure read.

2. Can [Enter Solution Here] Help [Enter Problem Here]?
Similar to number one above, this article poses a question while emphasizing both the problem and potential solution. What really works here is to ask a “curiosity-building” question by providing a solution that doesn’t seem to fit with the problem. For example: If you’re trying to re-grow hair on your balding head, could you resist reading, “Can Cheerios Help Thicken Your Hair?” I don’t think so.

3. Should You [Enter Activity Here]? (Take This Quiz).
People love quizzes. They especially love to see how they measure up in some area that they are particularly interested in. That combination makes this another ezine article that gets a lot of views. “Should You Quit Your Job And Start An Internet Business? Take This Quiz!” is going to attract every dissatisfied, looking-for-greener-pastures, internet marketing wannabe on the block.

4. Seven “Must Ask Questions” for [Enter Activity Here].
This is a perfect article for the entry-level beginner in any particular field. “7 ‘Must-Ask’ Questions for First-Time Homeschoolers’ When Choosing Curriculum” is just about a guaranteed read for all new homeschooling moms and dads who don’t want to blow it for their kids. (Note: The “number” of must-ask questions can be whatever you choose.)

5. Three [Enter Topical Adjective Here] Lessons from [Enter Pop Culture Reference].
By using references to popular culture events, characters, television shows, news stories and trends, you’ll be able to get some cheap mileage from existing “hot buttons” of the general public. I recentl wrote an article entitled, “3 Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Lessons From the Academy Awards” that garnered a lot of interest. Guess when I released it? Yep, a week before the big awards show.


6. Mastering [Enter Topic Here]: How to [Enter Tutorial Statement Here] Part 1.
This is a superb article idea for a series of related tutorials. The word “master” is a bit overused at times in marketing circles, but it means to “become an expert” at something or to “achieve dominance” over something. Who wouldn’t want to “master” their activity of interest? That’s why “Mastering Weight Loss: How To Shed 12-15 Pounds in 30 Days, Part 1″ and other article in its mould make for much-read content.

7. What Kind of [Enter Desirable Object Here] Is Best For YOU?

We all want what’s “best” for us, don’t we? “What Kind Of Internet Business Is Best for You?” indicates there is something revealed in the article that will allow me to determine which of the options available to me is best suited for me. This is a really solid article to point others towards additional resources, such as special reports, mini-courses, etc. where they can get specific information about which of the “options” mentioned in the article is most interesting and compatible with them.

So, there you have some great ideas to get you started on your next article.

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Can you make money on Facebook?


facebook 150x150 Can you make money on Facebook?

Make money on Facebook

Make money on Facebook

Individuals and organisations can make money on Facebook

Apart from for Google, Facebook is the site with the biggest source of traffic on the web to day. Facebook subscribers recently passed the 500 million mark. This means that there are half a billion people on Facebook that could potentially make you profits.They might have had some bad press relating to their falling public share price but this means nothing to the millions around the world who use Facebook to share moments in their lives on a daily basis and keep in touch with their friends. For businesses there is the opportunity to grow their sales suing this most important social media channel.

5 tips to make money on Facebook

In this short article I am going to reveal my 5 top ways to make money with Facebook.

Tip 1

Posting status updates does its job well. Each time you update your status all of your people would see it. So if you had a website or an offer you want to generate traffic to, you just post a status update containing a link to your offer or website and lots of your friends will click on it. Just think how many people will be able to click on your links if you had a friends list of thousands. You are able to make a lot of money just doing this every few hours.

Tip 2

Making groups associated to your offer or product. Creating a group related to a product that you are promoting or your website could be a good way to make money on-line. Create a group, get loads of members and you have your own list of leads. You could possibly mass message them as often as you want. You can send messages promoting your products and your web sites. Build trust with your subscribers and give them quality content and they could make you some good extra money on-line.

Tip 3

Build viral fan pages for long term profits. Just like the groups, you can create a fan page around a business idea or interest. After this you only need to get loads of fans for your page and then the sky is limit on how you want to make money with your page. This can also contain links to your products and websites, so you can build a lot of traffic this way. You can also insert html in your page, so you can have an opt in form or have people click to your website. There are also viral codes available to help with this.

Tip 4

Have a go at using Facebook ads to generate interest and sales. Facebook ads are almost like Google ads, but a lot better. With Google you pay each time a customer selects one of the key words you have selected and the customer sees your advertisement or web link in the on screen selections. With Facebook can pay for displaying your ads based on the customers interests. This allows you to target potential customers who have stated they have a real interest in what you are promoting. You can pay for every click or for impressions. You can easily target your ads in lots of different ways so conversions for this traffic is very high. There is a wealth of information on the web that shows you how to set up an ad campaign.

Tip 5

Earn money by “renting” out your friends or fans. There are websites on-line where you people will pay you to promote their pages or groups. This way you can make money just posting updates on your wall. If you have an account with lots of friends or a fan page with loads of fans, this could be a great way to earn with Facebook.

As you can see there are loads of different ways to make money on-line with Facebook. Big companies like Coca Cola and Nike are already making thousands of extra dollars each month just using Facebook for marketing.

Undertake some research to learn how to make money on Facebook

The web is awash with guides. Facebook offer their own training videos. Many more ‘make money on Facebook‘ ebooks and video guides are available, free or for little cost. If you know what you are doing, you can start generating profits from today.

 Can you make money on Facebook?

Good luck if you need any advice please feel free to contact me and I can point you in the right direction.


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Top 5 Free Twitter Apps

For those of you that use Twitter as part of your communications strategy I thought it would be worth listing my favourite  Top 5 Best Twitter Apps.

They could save you some time. These are all free to download, tools that make Twitter easier to use on a daily basis. You might have your own view on the best Twitter apps, feel free to share it my readers.

This is my interpretation of why I use these Twitter Apps. This is not a summary of all the features and benefits. So in no particular order…

twitter1 150x150 Top 5 Free Twitter Apps

Twubs www.twubs.com
Do you want to register a #Hashtag? No? I’m not sure either but I have done, a number in fact . Twubs gives you the ability to register a hashtag, (is that legal?) create a page, upload rss feeds, website links and tag subjects. The site is a little slow but the SEO is to die for. Well worth the time invested.

Twitterfeed www.twitterfeed.com
The number two of my Top 5 Best Twitter apps this saves time. Upload your feed via rss, to an easy to this easy to use interface. Authorise a particular Twitter Account and away you’re set to go. You can choose when to feed your tweets making sure you set limits. People get annoyed with streaming feeds all the time with little or no interaction.

Gremlm www.gremln.com
I was looking for a Twitter App that would send out automated scheduled Tweets. Gremln allows users to post messages to their major social networks and tracks the amount of social engagement these messages attract. Gremln users can create quick and easy charts, graphs, and reports to monitor their social progress while maintaining brand integrity across various digital channels. Simply put, Gremln is social media made easy. Excellent free product version.

TwitCleaner www.thetwitcleaner.com
A very easy to use interface, you log in via Twitter and the system lets you know about a lot about your followers and how they interact. Do they Retweet a lot? Only post links? Have no interaction for some many days. This one saves you time. It analyses the profiles & tweets of every single person that you follow, looking for certain patterns of behavior (people not talking, being overly repetitive, common spam tactics, posting the same links repeatedly, etc). A great resource and again, thanks guys, excellent product. Then it’s then up to you to decide who to save & who to un-follow

TweetDeck www.tweetdeck.com
TweetDeck is an app that brings more flexibility and insight to power users. It is a Twitter owned product. I wanted something other than the web based Twitter and opted for this one. It allows multiple Twitter accounts to be viewed. I especially like this as it gives you the ability to re tweet your other Twitter accounts. Easily search for trending #Hashtags.

twitter3 150x150 Top 5 Free Twitter Apps

Please leave me your comments on what are the best Twitter Apps you use or recommend. As they say, it’s good to share. I’ve shared my Top 5 Free Twitter Apps …..

What do you use or recommend?


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Using social media can help grow your business.

Almost everyone is now using some type of social media. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin and Myspace.

 social media 150x150 7 Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media In Your Business

It can really pay off for your business if you use it correctly. Through social media, your business can not only make money, but it can increase the levels of customer satisfaction for your customers. You can create fans and improve the reputation of your company.

Making and using social media work for you is important. You need to select the medium that works best and is the most suited for your company.

Don’t get the wrong impression of the instant nature of social media. A lot of companies believe that when they start using it, they’ll immediately begin to see a huge return on their efforts and their investment. It doesn’t exactly work that way.

You must understand that it takes time for you to build your following, and you may not always see the results you like, and they won’t be immediate.

You can sometimes, however, find benefits you didn’t even realize you would get from your social media marketing.

7 Reason Why You Should Be Using Social Media In Your Business

  1. Traffic generation – Social media can increase your traffic to your website. When you get them to your site, you have a chance to make them want to take action such as join your mailing list, buying something you have to offer, retain you for their services, etc.
  2. Brand-building tool - Brand recognition allows you to use social media to determine how you want your company to be positioned, and what you tell people about what your business does.
  3. Competitive advantage – If you don’t participate in social media, you’re giving that advantage to your competitor who does.
  4. Cultivating a community – Social media is all about relationships, and it is a great way for your business to cultivate a community.
  5. Gain Exposure – It has been said that before a customer decides to buy from you, they need to be exposed to you six to eight times.  Through social media, you can get a lot of repeat exposure.
  6. Grow your influence – You can attract new customers, have media interviews, and create Joint Venture partnerships, etc. if you have a substantial social media audience.
  7. Establish real authority – If you want to establish that you are an authority in any given area or on any subject, social media can be a great way to help you do it.

 Using social media to support you business is a very good idea.

Look on Youtube now to find guides and support material that can help you now.


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How to Write Product Reviews

The question is what is a product review and how to write reviews that can make you money. Many are making a great living setting up niche blogs that review affiliate products and by using affiliate links to major retailers such as Amazon, are making an additional or extra income.

writing 446x251 150x150 How to Write Product Reviews

How to write product reviews is quite a simple process.

You really don’t need to create hundreds of reviews to make a good income online – you don’t even need 20 or 10 or even 5. For some seasoned marketers one review is all that is needed to make a full-time income. However for the beginner no one is suggesting that you write just one review – diversity is the key as you never know what could happen in this business. That page could suddenly be delisted by Google for instance.

How to Write Product Reviews – quality not quantity

The problem most people have with affiliate marketing is that they think they need to write hundreds of product reviews or build a multitude of websites in order to be successful. It really isn’t necessary and in fact it can be detrimental. The more you have to work on, the thinner you spread your efforts and nothing gets the attention it deserves and your results are poor.

The key aspect is quality over quantity. Once you grasp this concept,  it becomes easier to start to have real success online.

T~he secret to writng product reviews is to find the best products to promote. For many internet marketers Amazon is the number one source for product reviews, so lets have a look at the key principles you should follow, although this will work with any products really.

How to Write Product Reviews - 5 top tips

1. Choose FIVE products from Amazon to promote

Choose products that are getting good reviews and those with a price tag over $150. It is recommended to choose 5 products because you never know if one product is going to do better than another.

2. Write a good quality review for each of those products

Your reviews need to be unique and provide a lot of detail. Best reviews are over 1000 words as they tend to convert much better. Just think about what you would want to see in a review if you were looking to buy a particular product. Don’t spend too much time on writing the review – just do your best and get it up there. You can tweak it later once you start getting traffic. Just keep in mind that it is the quality of the review that converts.

3. Get as much traffic to those reviews as possible

This is the most important step and is often missed. If someone says to me that they aren’t making money online, this is usually the reason. The industry average for affiliate sales is thought to be around 1 in 100 clicks through to the merchant. In other words you have to send 100 people through to Amazon in order to achieve 1 sale. With better quality reviews you can get a better conversion rate. So if you only receive 100 visitors to your product review page per week and out of those 100 visitors only 10 click through to Amazon then you are only going to achieve about 1 sale every 10 weeks. Doesn’t sound so good does it? This is why getting traffic to your site is absolutely critical.

We recommend spending 80% of your time working on getting traffic.

4. Create content that links back to those product reviews

While you are work on generating traffic, spend some time writing up some articles for your blog. These articles won’t be product reviews but instead short information type articles. They only need to be around 400 words each but in some way related to the product you are promoting. So for instance, say you have written a product review for a gold diamond ring. You then write a 400 word article on how to clean a diamond ring. You upload that article to your site and add a link in that article back to your gold diamond ring product review. This helps to boost that product review and also helps to boost your site.

5. Outsource the writing

If you can do one of these articles per week for each product review (ie. 5 articles in total per week if you have written 5 product reviews) then that is excellent. But if you are strapped for time then even one or two articles per month per product review is still good. If you’d rather not write the articles yourself and have a bit of cash to spare then you should be able to get a well written 400 word article written up by writers in Elance for around $5 each.

So what is the answer to making a decent living from Affiliate Marketing? It is definitely quality content and high traffic volumes.

How to Write Product Reviews - Recommended guide

If you want to know more about how to write a product review I can recommend a comprehensive ebook , written by two Australian masters of the craft. It illustrates the process of how to promote products and make money with reviews. It’s called Amazonian Profit Plan.

amazonian  150x150 How to Write Product Reviews

CLICK HERE to find out more


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How to Improve Search Engine ranking

Learn How to Improve search engine ranking

Posting articles is a great way to improve search engine ranking and get more visitors to your site and pages. It creates links back to your website thereby making search engies such as Google and Yahoo to rate your web page as useful and therefore directing visitors to your site. In addition it also gets you know in your selected niche. But where should you submit articles? can you post.

To help you improve search engine ranking here is a list to help you.

aaaaqs How to Improve Search Engine ranking

Improve search engine ranking


Page rank measures how effective your linkbuilding has been, and is an important factor in improving your search engine rankings.

In simple terms, page rank is a measure of how ‘important’ a web page is. It works on the basis that when another website links to your web page, it’s like a recommendation or vote for that web page. Each link increases the web page’s page rank. The amount it increases depends on various factors, including how important the voting page is and how relevant it is.

So why is page rank so important?

Page rank is important because it is one of the factors a search engine like Google takes into account when it decides which results to show at the top of its search engine listings, where they can be easily seen by folk searching for information. In fact PageRank is a Google trade mark, but other search engines use similar techniques.

It’s not the only or even the most important factor. To start with, your page needs to be relevant to whatever the search is – if someone’s searching for plumbers, your page about online banking isn’t going to feature no matter how high its page rank may be. But all other things being equal, page rank does have an effect on search engine rankings. So making sure you improve your search engine ranking is extremely importatn for you to get get free traffic.

Software that can help

There are many pieces of software that will submit your article to directories. Often these have high page ranks themselves. Tese are power sites and you can gain benefits from linking to them. You gain some of their ‘juice’. There are a number to choice from, including:


You can also hire services like Submityourarticle.com and Phantomwriters.com to submit your articles for you, but this gets very costly if you are writing lots and lots of articles at once.

Personally, I like to do it myself. Here are list of article directories. I submit my articles to.













There are also a number of Yahoo Groups  that you can use to improve search engine ranking. These include:


You can check the page ranking (PR) of the different article submission sites using any of a number of free downloads.Personally recommend using the Firefox browser – it’s just nicer than Internet Explorer, and you have access to thousands of addons and plugins to enhance your work or leisure browsing.

Search for, download and install the ‘Google toolbar’. I use it in Firefox all the time, and one of the nice little features is the Page Rank indicator on the toolbar. Simply visit a website, and you see a small bar in green if the site has any page rank. Hover over it with your mouse, and you get a score out of 10. Easy. If you don’t see the Page Rank indicator, right click your Google Toolbar > Google Toolbar Options > Tools > check the box for Page Rank > Save.

Details can be found at http://www.pagerankbar.com/

How is page rank measured?

Page rank is measure on a scale of 0 to 10.

Page rank 0-2: Any websites between a Page rank of 0 to 2 are considered as new websites just starting out in the industry. Any sites that is cached by Google in its initial days are given Pagerank of 0 and later in the first Pagerank update they can be qualified for the Pagerank 2. Most new sites which gain a sustainable amount of backlinks within its preliminary stage can also receive a higher pagerank from Google.

Page rank 3-6: Any established sites which has proven its performance and already have some good back links falls into this category. Most websites that are about 10-12 months old and with back links can get a Pagerank of 3-6

Page rank 7-10: Any websites that has a Pagerank 7 or above can be considered as the industry leader of that niche. You can find very few sites gaining a Pagerank of 7 and above as it takes good amount of time and some established technique to get a Pagerank above 7.

Here are the top 10 factors that positively affect your search engine rankings:

  1. Keyword Use in Title Tag
  2. Anchor Text of Inbound Links
  3. Global Link Popularity of Site
  4. Age of Site
  5. Link Popularity within the Site’s Internal Link Structure
  6. Topical Relevance of Inbound Links to Site
  7. Link Popularity of Site in Topical Community
  8. Keyword Use in Body Text
  9. Global Link Popularity of Linking Site
  10. Topical Relationship of Linking Page

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 How to Improve Search Engine ranking

I hope this helps you understand a little more how to improve search engine ranking. It is not rocket science but takes time to master.

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