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Hello there and a warm welcome to my part of the internet. My name is Sven Cooke.

I am a UK based internet marketer and have been making an excellent 2nd Income online, for three years. I have created this blog to share advice on products and methods I have found useful.

There are so many ways to make money on the internet. I hope to provide you with support and useful information, with a guide to the products and tools that will help you make money online.

Please get in touch to share ideas. We can spread the word and share money making ideas.

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SEO: 5 Secrets To Rank Your Blog Higher

So we understand what the search engines are looking for in page ranking. Now here are a few tricks which you can use to increase your rankings.

Tricks You Can Use to Improve Your SEO Ranking and rank your blog higher.

 Rank Your Blog Higher

No 1 – Titles and Content:

Make sure that every photo, PDF, Word Doc, attachment, link, you use has keywords in both their titles and in their content. Google actually opens the Word document, PDF, etc. and looks for the same keywords inside that document. If they are found in the document content, you get a higher ranking for those keywords.


No 2 – Alt Text:

Whenever you insert an image into a page or blog post, you are asked for the alt text (alternative text). This text is displayed when the image isn’t. The search engines can’t read pictures so they use these tags to understand their content. In your working life you see these in your emails before your hit “download images”. Don’t skip this step and miss the opportunity. Google assumes that if the alt text also shows the same keywords, they must be “key” words and important, so you get credit for them.

No 3 – SEO Plug-Ins:

If you are using WordPress, there are dozens and dozens of available SEO plug-ins that help you automatically create built-in keyword tags for the search engines. As its Word Press and respected by all of the search engines, these keyword tags are considered. Plug-ins like “SEO WordPress”, “WP SEP Tags”, and “SEO Helper” are all rated 4 stars or higher and allow you to click and choose your most important keywords and install them from “behind the scenes” for the search engines to find and rank you higher on. Simply discover a plug-in that you like and remember to use it for every blog post or page.

 No 4 – Headings, bold, and hyperlinks:

Use your keywords in headings, bold, and hyperlinks. Google still assumes that if a word is in a headings, bolded or hyperlinked and is important to the reader. They therefore think they must be important words for them to index and connect you with, so you get extra points for those keywords.

No 5 – Keyword Tags:

For years many pasted every possible word we can think of in our keyword tags to try to trick the search engines into believing that ALL those words were important to the reader and should be connected with our content. As a result, Google and other search engine NOW don’t pay any attention to these words. However, there is still a way to get your “valid” keywords recognized by the search engines. Put them in the content. Use them often.

Alternatively, to legitimately help increase your keywords in your content just type those keywords as “Tags:” at the bottom of your blogs such as “Tags: social media bible, SEO tips, money making blog. Many blogging platforms do that automatically so it doesn’t attract attention from your readers, but does from the search engines. By adding your keywords to the content, it appears to the reader that the blogging platform simply summarized the keywords, while the search engines see this as an increased Keyword Density and scores your page and web site higher for the words.

 No 6 – Sign Your Blogs:

Just an extra trick….yes I can count!!! I use is that I sign my blogs “Sven Cooke”. To the reader it just looks like I signed my blog, but to the search engines, it adds my name against the content and ties my name as a keyword to that particular content. This strengthens my name’s association in the field that I am writing about.


In Summary – To Rank Your Blogs Higher


Focus on these key items and you’ll be well on your way to your goal of getting a #1 spot on Google, Bing and Yahoo! And remember, the most important SEO trick is just well designed content. The more you have, the higher you will be ranked.


Thanks for reading this – Sven Cooke

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Market Samurai Review – A great tool to find your keywords?

When setting up any niche website you need to research what buyer keywords can work for you. Which words allow you to lock into words that bring you FREE Traffic from the search engines. If you get it wrong you can spend a lifetime writing content, tweaking your site and trying damn hard to get traffic. This Market Samurai Review tries to stop you making simple mistakes.

A common mistake made by many on line marketers is to pick keywords which are simply far too competitive. I am guilty of having done the same and in my case it was the desire to want to rank for keywords which had very high search volumes. The problem with this strategy is that if you fail to get to number one in Google or other search engines, then you will receive no traffic to your site. Being realistic with your keyword choice is very important. So choosing keywords which you know you can compete with will lead to your business being successful as you will be able to achieve that number one ranking and hence receive the targeted visitors associated with that keyword search.

This article provides a review of Market Samurai a paid for product that makes searching for keywords much easier. But before you put you hand in your pocket what are the free options?
Try Market Samurai For Free!

Market Samurai Review – free tools

The Google Keyword tool is the most popular free system. It should be as it is promoted by the world’s largest search engine. an excellent starting point for research it can have some limitations. Now Google’s keyword tool is a fine tool and has turned into the default for many an optimizer. I myself use it on a day-to-day basis for brief research (like keywords for a blog post). It’s usable, but the numbers always seem “off. But it’s free.

On Google you would have to manually search for each search term and look at the number of competing pages.

Market Samurai shows the number of searches and number of competing web pages next to each other so you can identify which keywords have a decent search volume but low competition.

Many professional marketers view Market Samurai as the best keyword Research Tool.

What is the product – A Quick Market Samurai Review

At its core, Market Samurai, or MS as many people refer to it, is a keyword research tool. Whilst it can track your rankings for your keywords, display available domain names and much more, it is a very powerful, and effective, tool for finding profitable keywords. The real benefit to you of MS is that it helps you to find profitable, low competition keywords that you can not only rank for, but earn with too.


No Market Samurai review would be complete without telling you how it compares to the Google External Keyword Tool. It does show some information that you would get in the Google tool, but it shows a lot more information too

Like the Google tool, you can check for broad, exact and phrase match keywords. You can also use negative keywords to improve the relevancy of your results. For example, if you are looking for buying keywords you want to ignore any keyword with the word ‘free’ in it.

Market Samurai Review – Better than Google Keyword Tool?

One of the biggest benefits over the Google keyword tool is that you can check the SEO competition from within MS. This means instead of trawling around Google looking at page rank, incoming links and more, you can click a button and MS will show you whether the SEO competition is good, bad or ugly.

Market Samurai Review – Best product features

Market Samurai’s best feature is it SAVES you time. The product offers you a variety of ways to search and focuses on the following topics:

  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Competition
  • Find Content
  • Promotion
  • Publish Content
  • Monetization
  • Ad Words
  • Finding Links

So, if you are looking at keywords, Market Samurai estimates traffic based on your keyword, evaluates competition for those words, and calculates the online commercial intent of a keyword–known as OCI. Another nice feature is that everything is contained in one panel instead of working between several sites or using other software to accomplish your goals.

There is a bit of a learning curve to Market Samurai because there is so much to it but there are easy to follow tutorial videos to help and once you get it’s easy.

If you are into online sales, you can research and find what keyword is worth for unpaid listings and Pay Per Click (PPC).You can select to see how much competition there is for each word and what the dollar value might be if you get ranked for the word. Using Market Samurai Review is made much easier.

A simple graphical representation of search trends is offered. This helps you identify seasonal searches.

The SEO Competition is a real winner. You can see if competitors are using the terms in their titles, what their page rank is, and if they are listed in the directories and a whole lot more. This is critical in determining if you might be able to break into the keyword niche you picked.

You can click on the following logo adl to visit Market Samurai.

Try Market Samurai For Free!
Visit the Market Samurai site – CLICK HERE. At the moment they are offering a free trial.

Market Samurai as a valuable tool not just to those involved in Internet Marketing but also for those people just getting going with their business or service websites outside of niche marketing. It is a really professional product that I really enjoy using.

This is a quick Market Samurai Review, I’ll write a longer one soon and post it on the site.

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An eBook is a great way of making money on the internet and you don’t need to have a website to do it. Nor do  you need to actually sell the eBook to make money from it.  So how do you do it…well in a nutshell, it involves you writing a short ebook preferably about a topic you know about and distributing it for free around the internet.

It doesn’t have to be long – 10-15 pages is enough. In order to make money from it, you add multiple affiliate links to different products within the ebook. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: How to Choose a topic that you have an interest in

The best eBooks are written by those who know what they are talking about. It will also make it easier to write if you have an interest in the topic. Having said that however, there is no rule that says that you need to know the subject to write about it but it will take longer because you will need to do the research for it first.

Step 2: How to Find products to promote in your ebook

There is no point spending hours writing an eBook only to find that there are no products to add to it. So before you start writing, you need to find products that you can ‘sell’ in your eBook that relate to your topic. You can choose products from Clickbank, CJ.com, Linkshare.com, ShareaSale.com, Amazon.com or any of the other affiliate networks. These companies are all free to join and offer thousands of different products and services that you can promote. Clickbank is the clear market leader and a good one to start with as they don’t care whether you have a website or not.

Once you know that there are plenty of products you can start writing.

Step 3: How to Start Writing

This is not as scary as it sounds. If you have a flair for writing then you will probably have no problem getting started but if the last thing you wrote was a report in high school then you might find it hard to get going.

The easiest way to write an ebook is to break it up into sections first. For instance, say we decide to write an eBook on dog training. (yes I know everyone uses this example!!!) We might break it up into the following sections:

1. Introduction
2. How to train your dog to sit
3. How to train your dog to come when called
4. How to train your dog to shake hands
5. etc, etc

Once you have the main sections you can then provide the content. Always leave the introduction till last as it will be a lot easier to write.

Here is a really good tip. Start out with dot points. Don’t worry about making it read right at this point. Just jot down as many things as you can think of for each of the sections of your ebook.

Once you have the dot points then just expand on each dot point with sub-dot points. Before you know it you will have lots of content.

Now you just need to structure those dot points into coherent sentences.

If you really don’t want to write it yourself then pay a professional. Elance is a great place for this – it is full of writers willing to work on your projects and you would be surprised at how little it costs.

Step 4: How to Add Affiliate Links

Once you have completed your ebook you will need to add affiliate links. You can add them within the content itself where appropriate or add them at the end as a list of recommended products – or both if you like.

Step 5: How to Convert to PDF

Before you distribute your eBook you will need to convert it to PDF. There are a number of free versions available on the internet that are simple and easy to use. Ensure that once the document has been converted that you check to ensure that it has formatted the content correctly and that any links within the document work correctly. Some converters work better than others but we recommend one of the following:

  • http://www.freepdfconvert.com/default.asp
  • http://www.doc2pdf.net/

Step 6: How to  Proofread Your eBook

There is nothing worse than reading a document with multiple spelling errors or bad grammar. Make sure you run a spell checker over it and read it through thoroughly yourself. Better yet, get someone else to do it for you. The more people that look at it the better so get your family or friends to help out.

Step 7: How to Distribute Your eBook

The next step is to distribute your ebook. Here are some ideas:

– email websites that relate to your ebook topic and tell them they can send out your ebook to their email list if they have one or they can use it as a free giveaway to encourage people to sign up to their newsletter.
– submit your ebook to ebook directories – there are plenty of them…just do a search in Google
– create a Squidoo lens, Hubpage (hubpage.com) and attach your ebook to the page so people can download it.
– submit to forums

And if you found that your ebook turns out better than you expected and you might just be able to sell it rather than distribute it free them sign up with Clickbank.

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Top tips to increase eBay sales

Here’s how you can increase eBay Sales, allowing you to sky rocket your profits on eBay this Christmas.

Second-hand toys are always popular sellers on eBay, not just for buyers on a budget, but also because some second-hand toys are no longer available new or, because they are rare collectables. So keep a close eye open for yesterday’s toys at car boot sales and flea markets, at jumble sales and in charity shops. Haggle when buying toys at boot sales and flea markets and negotiate big discounts on items you can resell on eBay.

increase ebay salesSpend those discounts on paint and cleaning materials and neat new packaging to improve the appearance and perceived value of your items. Once done, toys might look like new, but they are not new, and you must make this very clear in your eBay listings.

When you buy second-hand, look for multiple identical items, some broken, some missing spare parts, then remove all the good parts and use them to create one perfect version of a popular toy. But remember, it’s still second-hand and you must say so in your listing.

Best descriptions -increase eBay sales

Here’s a good tip to lift the perceived value of used toys.

Rather than call them second-hand, call them ‘previously loved’, ‘previously owned’ or ‘cherished oldies’.

Vintage toys and games can fetch incredible prices, sometimes hundreds of pounds each, and you’ll often find them lurking alongside modern toys and games at boot sales and flea markets. This is especially so on stalls manned by families who are not professional traders and they don’t realise how much their goods are worth, and so they price them low. But to get the best deals from families you must arrive very early in the day, because quality items offered by people who don’t realise their true value will sell very fast.

Once traders selling or visiting the event start inspecting other people’s goods, your chance is all but gone.

At boot and car sales you’ll find knowledgeable sellers displaying their best toys and games (and other items) prominently on top of the table. Non-specialist sellers, usually families and private individuals, are more likely to pack everything into boxes, some piled on the table, some shoved underneath. Spend time searching those boxes, especially those under the table, where most private buyers and traders may not have looked yet.

Instead of listing toys you know are popular sellers and facing heavy competition online, look for unusual items and toys you haven’t been able to find on eBay or wherever else you sell. But don’t risk money buying items that might not actually sell; instead, ask permission to use the sellers’ graphics in your eBay listings.

Increase eBay sales – Buying from Wholesalers

If you’re buying from wholesalers or someone with a steady inventory of your chosen product, you could buy just one item, photograph it, and create your description.

List the product at auction, using a starting price that makes a small profit for you, then see how high prices go and how many people bid. Then send Second Chance Offers to non-winning bidders and see how many people buy and how much they pay. But first make sure your supplier has sufficient stock to fulfil possible orders. When orders come in, move fast to replenish your stock. This test will tell you how much people are prepared to pay for your product and how many are likely to buy. That allows you to amend your prices accordingly and maintain adequate stocking levels.

Top toy-sourcing tip from an overseas eBay PowerSeller. Visit shops and suppliers in less affluent areas: try corner shops and tiny market traders – they often have toys priced way below their eBay equivalent and some have frequent sales where toys are priced lower than wholesale value.

ebay selling tipsMake your own unique Christmas gift baskets and Christmas stockings. You might even offer to create baskets and stockings to order, based on the recipient’s favourite toys, cartoon characters, hobbies, and so on. But you must offer this bespoke service well before the Christmas rush, or you risk people getting concerned about delivery times and choosing not to order.

Be careful cleaning, repairing and repainting toys. Some paints and adhesives contain lead and other toxic substances and toys containing them are banned from sale in our country. Jutting nails, splinters in wood, tiny buttons and beads, for example, can all cause serious injury (and death in extreme cases) and not only will you be expelled from eBay, but you’ll also potentially get into hot water with consumer trading authorities and even the police.

Put your product inventory listing inside fulfilment packages and invite customers to visit your eBay store. For multiple sale customers, you might add a gift voucher which they can redeem on their next purchase. You could also join an affiliate program for toys and Christmas novelties and highlight the website link on compliments slips and thank you letters sent to your own customers.


Increase eBay Sales – copy others

Study eBay (.com , .co.uk, and others) in the run up to Christmas: see what others are selling successfully, make notes, print out or save other people’s listings, then put it all to one side until the year’s big spend season comes to an end.

Buy a how to guide

If you want to find out how to make money from eBay you can benefit from an investment in a comprehensive guide. The best guide I have found has been created eBay Powerseller, Amanda O’Brien.

CLICK ON THIS LINK to visit Amanda’s website and find the ultimate guide, learn more about it’s benefits and to place an order.

Rest Up

Then next year, on January 2nd – well you deserve one day off to get over the celebrations! – you take all of this information, study it again and use it to plan your campaign for selling toys next Christmas, and the Christmas after that, and so on.


I hope you have found these top tips to increase your eBay sales

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How An eBay Store Can Help Your Sales

eBat Store

An Ebay store can help you make additional sales and income.

eBay is no longer just an auction site! Just like Amazon the brand has grown to be a central shopping destination offering opportunities for companies on every scale. The two multi natioanals are competing to see who can be the largest retailers in the Western World. Here in the UK eBay is turning it self from an auction site into a ‘Buy Now’ site.

Annually billions of pounds worth of products sell through eBay stores. The garage sale site has evolved dramatically. Sellers getting rid of their junk have been replaced by traders selling new products via the vibrant online marketplace.

Serious online retailers are using eBay stores to generate brand awareness, get new customers and sell products.

There are approximately 500,000 online eBay stores and regardless of the recent increases in eBay fees, they are great value. It is worth researching which one is best for you and your business. There are several different types of eBay options to choose from with a huge variation in subscription prices – Basic, Featured and Anchor.New options are regularly introduced.

The basic price starts at £14.99 per month in the UK, rising to £349.99 for an Anchor store.  Store on ebay do offer excellent features and may be just what your business needs to boost sales volumes and revenue.

Some of the eBay store features include:

– A place on the web to boost your brand
– Tools to personalise your stores
– eBay stores home page plus product pages
– Yor store can use longer listing durations and lower insertion fees
– You get your very own eBay stores URL so you can drive all online buyers directly to your eBay store.
– The eBay stores logo appears next to your store name in your listings adding gravitas

– All listings include a “See All Items Listed in Your store” link
– Listings show up in your Store using gateway search and browse results.
– A useful feature of customised newsletters and promotional emails
– You can analyse your eBay traffic to improve your strategies

There are strict rules about advertising your website within your listings. For instance you cannot link from a listing directly to your website. However, an indirect feature offered by eBay stores includes the ability to advertise your web site and link to it! A customer email address captured on your eBay site can still be added to your general marketing database.

You can list your products in an eBay store for as little as 1p per item per month in the UK (not with the Basic eBay stores though), and stores items get cross-linked from your featured eBay listings bringing you more visitors and lots of targeted traffic.

Ebay’s place in the public conscience as a destination website and its trusted nature will benefit your own business. With so many websites fighting to get high search engine rankings and with eBay getting most of the auction traffic. The development of their stores is an essential factor in any eBay business. For a low investment you get high visibility and extra traffic. It is only worth doing if you have enough products!

So as some of the less profitable sellers may get squeezed out of the stores, lots of bigger, more knowledgeable ones will be arriving and setting up their own store on eBay to get a piece of the action! As bigger brands get on board the number of buyers can only increase.

Thinking about setting up an eBay Store?

So if you want to find out how to make money from ebay you can invest in a comprehensive guide created by ebay Powerseller, Amanda O’Brien.

ebay Powersellers

CLICK HERE to visit Amanda’s website and find the ultimate guide, with a 30 day guarantee, it’s called Ebay Powersellers Secrets.

Visit the official website and get your copy of The £2,500 Per Week eBay PowerSellers Secrets. It can be posted out to you within 3-5 business days.

So, you’ll soon have it in your hands ready to go! CLICK HERE and take action.

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The key to selling toys on eBay this Christmas

Toys are just one such item and these tips will help you grab your share of incredible prices waiting for people selling toys on eBay from now to the last day of posting for Christmas delivery.

* Second-hand toys are always popular sellers on eBay – not just for buyers on a budget, but also because some second-hand toys are no longer available new or they are rare collectables.

So keep a close eye open for yesterday’s toys at car boot sales and flea markets, at jumble sales and in charity shops. Get the best deals by arriving early at boot sales and flea markets and negotiating big discounts on items you can resell on eBay.

Spend those discounts on paint and cleaning materials and neat new packaging to improve the appearance and perceived value of your items. Once done, toys might look like new, but they are not new and you must make that clear in your eBay listings.

* When you buy second-hand, look for multiple identical items, some broken, some missing spare parts. Then remove all the good parts and throw out the bad and use the best bits to create one perfect version of a popular toy. But as before, your item is still second-hand and you must say so in your listings.

* Here’s a good idea to lift the perceived value of used toys: rather than call them second-hand, call them ‘previously loved’ or ‘previously owned’ or ‘cherished oldies’.

leapFrog Leapband 2* Vintage toys and games are popular sellers on eBay and you’ll often find them lurking alongside modern toys and games at boot sales and flea markets.

This is especially so on stalls manned by families, not traders, making it more important than ever to arrive early and grab the best deals for yourself. Once sellers trading at the event or just visiting start raking around, your chance is gone.

* At boot sales you’ll find knowledgeable sellers displaying their best toys and games (and other items) prominently on top of the table. Non-specialist sellers, usually families and private individuals, are more likely to pack everything into boxes – some boxes on the table, some beneath. Spend time searching these boxes and you may find the best stuff hidden at the bottom of the pile.

* Instead of listing toys you know are popular sellers and facing heavy competition, look for unusual items and toys you haven’t already seen selling on eBay, which are in reliable supply from wholesalers and dropshippers.

But don’t risk money buying items that might not actually sell; instead ask permission to use the sellers’ graphics in your eBay listings. Or buy just one item, photograph it, create your own description, sell your product, see how many Second Chance Offers ensue, then rush in fast to replenish your stock.

Then those toys only you know about, no matter how unusual, might actually be tomorrow’s hottest sellers on eBay – only people don’t know it yet, because no-one’s ever seen them before! Except for you, of course!

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How to Rank my Blog or websites

In this article I hope to help you answer the question

How do I rank my blog ?

To do this you need to understand the basics behind how search engines work. High ranking is important you with tips to help your blog or website to get traffic at no cost to you.

Rank my blogThere have been many changes to the way Google has changed Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), using their complex and mysterious algorithm. This favours ranking based on the amount of quality content you have. Google have called these massive changes “Panda”, “Penguin”, and “Hummingbird”. As market leader Google makes changes with other such as Bing and Yahoo then follow suite. These changes can make a page one search drop to page 20!

Google, Bing, Yahoo! and all use mathematical equations that look at over 100 different items on a web / blog page. Google analyses each criteria and gives it a weight; a multi player based on its importance, then took all these numbers and mathematically reduced them to a final number between 0 and 9; 9 being the best.

Based on the keywords used in the content of each page and the page rank, Google (and all the others) display these pages for a given set of keywords (or keyword phrases), in order of their page rank. These keywords very still important as it’s the keywords used in your content that ties YOUR page to those industry key-words.

A keyword phrase is simply more than one key word. The most affective keyword phrases are three keywords. One word is to general and will return way too many generic and useless SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). Two words are ok but when you enter “three” key-words, your search is likely to be very targeted and closer to what you are looking for. The chance that someone would type in three exact words, makes it very statistically close.

Experts believe that four of the 100+ items that Google rate, are: Freshness, Google Juice (number of indexed pages for your domain for a given set of keywords), Link Love (the number of External Reputable Links), and Keyword Density (the number of times a given set of keywords are used on a page).

Here’s a little more background on each of the top four factors that determine what rank my blog has:

No 1 – Freshness

Blogs are, by definition, fresher than standard HTML web pages. Blogs are written often, while web pages can sit untouched for long periods of time. You also win on the freshness scale when you use something like WordPress for your blogs, on your site (root directory), to publish your blogs regularly. Even posting here gets priority treatment in the search engines, because they are fresh, are posted, and roll to the bottom, quickly.

No 2 – Google Juice

This is another factor where size matters. The more content you can create and post about topics that contain your keywords such as: “keynote speakers”, “speaking”, “social media”, “marketing”, etc., the more pages Google will have indexed for your domain, with your name as a keyword, and all those keywords that your customers are looking for. Concentrate on creating more and more content. The more, the faster, the better. Google Juice now, has the highest ranking value overall.

No 3 – Link Love

This the number and quality of reputable External Links. This is when your site and blog pages are linked to from an outside reputable web site, such as Mashable, or Social Media Examiner, or just other blogs. Links from other sites, with similar content / keywords, gives your blog higher credibility; it makes it reputable. The more external links, the higher your page rank.

No 4 – Keyword Density

Gone are the days when you can cheat and spike the keywords in the Meta Keyword section of your web page code as Google doesn’t read it any more. However, you can include specific (industry) keywords in your content that tells the search engines what the blog post is about and how it should be categorized. A good rule of thumb is that about 1% to 3% of your words might be your target keywords. Any more than that and it could be viewed as spam by the search engines.

An understanding of this helps you understand the basic of the answer to how to rank my blog.

If you want to read more on this subject please look at my article called Tricks You Can Use to Improve Your SEO Ranking.

Thanks for reading – Sven Cooke

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5 Top Tips for Successful Article Writing

Following a request from Tom in London here are my 5 top tips for successful article writing

You may have heard by now that writing articles and submitting them to different locations is a great way to increase the traffic to your web sites and in the end increase your income. But if the articles you write aren’t getting people’s attention and they are not clicking on your links in the resource box, then you need to do something about it! Here are the top 5 tips that will help you write the most successful articles.

Tip Number 1
The most important thing you need to do when writing articles is to capture your reader’s attention. How else are they going to read to the bottom of your article to click on your link? But how can you get people’s attention? It has been proven that people related better to stories or people they know. Adding a quote from a well known person near the beginning of your article to make people associate your knowledge with the well known person’s knowledge. Or alternatively you could retell a tale that you once heard, it can be something that happened to you or a fable that you can make connections to your topic with.

Tip Number 2
Of course what is a great article without a catchy title? The reason I still put that you need an article that will capture and keep people’s attention is that this will decide how many people enjoy your article. You want to keep a high level of quality for all your articles, since that will bring in the most people to visit your web sites. But of course you will need a title to get people to take a look at your article. You will want to come up with a title that describes what your article topic is, but with something of a mystery to get people to click. People respond well to lists and “top 10’s” but they also like questions or implications of success.

Tip Number 3
Pick a very hot topic. If you’re writing about nursing or babies, try to write an article about the latest fad in diapers or something that is related to the current world. Write articles that are seasonal or festive. Webmasters and ezine owners are always looking for an article that relates well to the current time of the year. When it’s Christmas time, relate your topic to Christmas and do the same for other holidays and seasons. If you’re not sure what else you could use, read the news, some weblogs or talk to your friends to find out the most current events.

5 top tips for successful article writing- Tip Number 4

Check your grammar and spelling. This might seem obvious, but articles that have bad grammar or spelling are not going to help you much. These articles might even be rejected by certain article submission sites! So take the extra few seconds it takes to press the “Spellcheck button”. You’ll see it makes a big difference.

Tip Number 5
Write from the heart or from personal experience. This is one tip that helps you write articles more easily which is then reflected in your articles. If you’re interested in the topic you’re writing about, you’re bound to write better articles. Maybe you found out that a certain keyword is very saught after, but you’re just not feeling motivated to write about it. Take a break and write about something that really excites you, and think of the other topic at the same time.

If you keep practicing this technique, soon you’ll think positive things about more topics and will be able to write about a wide range of topics without losing out on the personal touch you can add to each of your articles.

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I hope these 5 Top Tips for Successful Article Writing



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Valuable SEO Tips From Google from Pingler.com

We all want to rank and as highly as we possibly can.  The formula is simple; the higher we rank the better our chances of getting traffic and traffic is what makes the world wide web go round.   As a webmaster or website owner, you need to do your part to ensure that your website or blog conforms to the most basic prerequisites as set by Google.com or whichever search engine you are trying to rank on.

Before you ping your website or blog, you need to make sure that you follow their guidelines as pinging your website or blog may not be as effective if your website is not optimized to receive the robots or crawlers in the first place.

The common mistake is when businesses hire a web developer to design their business website.  The designer or developer may be very talented in web design but unless he or she is also experienced in SEO, the end result may not be ‘friendly’ or optimized for the search engines and you end up paying for it.

Please watch this video, courtesy of our friends at Google.com it is both fun and informative. Whether you are a complete novice or an expert in SEO, you will benefit from watching it.  

As always my friends, I wish you every success!

Article by Garo Dedeyan, C.E.O  Pingler.com

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Here are five tips that you can use to generate business using Twitter

generate business using Twitter

Twitter is such a great marketing tool for your websites and offers you so much more. It is one of the top social media sites and continues to be popular around the world. Here are five tips on how you can win more business using Twitter.

1. Engage with Twitter

The best way to generate business using Twitter is to engage with followers and other relevant people that could be interested in your product. This isn’t about conversion per se, but about brand awareness. It’s about letting people know that your ecommerce site exists and that you can help them.

Engage with your followers, search for relevant things and start the conversation. Eventually people will start remembering your brand and will visit your ecommerce website. As you tweet interesting and topical information related to what your ecommerce site sells, you’ll gain other followers who want to hear what you have to say.

2.         Be visible and active

It’s important that you be active every day to generate any meaningful marketing presence. What does this mean? In an ideal world, the experts believe you should tweet five times a day at least.

3.         Don’t expect to close business

Twitter is a great place to start the business development and marketing process, but this isn’t where you will close any deals.

As with all other forms of marketing, Twitter is good at raising awareness of your brand and it can help you position yourself as the go-to place for a certain subject or type of good. It gives you access to prospective customers so you can warm them up. Then, when they’re ready to buy, they will.

4.         Provide a mix of content

But do not plug your business all the time! This is extremely important. The biggest trick to winning business via Twitter is to get the right balance of content. Too much conversation and it’s difficult for people to engage with you personally. Too much broadcasting sales messages gets boring very quickly.

Don’t let your Twitter feed get stuck in selling mode. Provide a balance of content – interesting articles from other sites, cool products, useful tips – and show your followers that you relate to them and their wants, and that you can help.

The final tip on how to generate business using Twitter

Have a strategy

It is very important when using Twitter to have a social media strategy. Don’t just start using Twitter willy-nilly, with no thought. You need to consider what it is you want to achieve, for instance what audience do you want to engage with? How you want to promote your internet  business? Decide what do you want out of using Twitter?

Twitter is immediate, easy to use and can be fun. No other social media tool offers you to get you message to your customers so quickly.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to generate business using Twitter.

Please let me know your tips so I can share them with my readers. 

Thanks for reading – Sven Cooke

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