How To Make Money Online For Beginners with the Chris Farrell Membership

Chris Farrell Membership Review

What is the Chris Farrell Membership?

If you have spent any time researching internet marketing programs online you have probably heard about the Chris Farrell and his online membership programme. The Chris Farrell membership is an online training facility that teaches people how to make money online using proven internet marketing techniques and strategies. If you want to learn how to make money on the internet it’s a great and cost effective training resource. Chris is an Englishman living in Los Angeles. He is an ex DJ and started to learn how to make money online a few years ago.

His membership site is packed with training information, mostly in the form of online videos where he teaches you how to get started and how to create income channels.

'Chris Farrell Membership'

For some of the ideas you don’t need your own website, product, or business. All you need to do is learn how to send online visitors to company websites where you are paid when those visitors make purchases.
The Chris Farrell Membership this designed for someone who is serious about making money online and is keen to learn. If you are looking for a push button solution to making you rich overnight then this is not for you. However if you have the desire to create an income for yourself and are willing to put in a little effort then the Chris Farrell membership will help you do this.

When I started out with internet marketing I quickly got stuck. Too much information had me running around in circles. Starting schemes and never really finishing them. Well with this program it doesn’t matter what your skill level. Chris Farrell will help you step by step in helping you build a real business from home.

Chris started his Internet Marketing career late 2007/early 2008 and within less than a year, he was making enough online to comfortably live in Beverly Hills. His training is a collection of tutorials he wrote after finding what works online. It’s very much a “follow in my footsteps” type program. Chris himself is seen around the site frequently answering questions and providing help. Unlike other marketers, Chris reveals his entire formula. Most programs you can buy or join are filled with re-hashed information, or they leave out the important parts that you need to start making money online. Chris doesn’t do that. His videos are a personal conversation with him. He holds nothing back is has a great sense of humour.

If you join his membership program you can read his private blog where he posted day by day, the exact steps he was taking, as he was taking them, that brought him from zero to $250 per day. In this blog he was about to quit twice but he stuck with it. In his first nine months he was able to have his first $1000 dollar day. If you are looking for a way to make money online I highly recommend the Chris Farrell membership. It helped me and thousands of others around the world.

Almost all of his training is video-based. I you only like text based training this isn’t for you. However, if like me you have access to two screens it enables you to watch and pause whilst following the step by step processes, re watching segments as and when.

Chris starts at an absolute beginner’s level. His videos are VERY easy to follow and Chris does an exceptional job as a teacher. Compared to expensive Big Guru membership sites the material is easily accessible and easy to navigate.


What are the benefits of the Chris Farrell Membership?

Membership can be of great value to you. The video training and guides have been written and created by Chris Farrell himself. You have the real benefit of learning from Chris as the teacher, sharing his real experiences with you. He shows the exact techniques he has used. The program features;

  • Over 1000 How-To Videos
  • New ideas and exiting content  regularly added…
  • Step-By-Step Blueprint of a $250/day plan
  • Frequent Free Training ‘no-pitch’ Webinars.
  • Exclusive Rights to give away Create Your First Website By 3:45 This Afternoon …the eBook.

There are many video tutorials and guides within the Chris Farrell membership that will make your job a lot easier. From getting free hosting for unlimited domains, an exact blueprint on how to make $250 dollars a day, to getting traffic with Facebook and other social media.

To go to Chris’s Website click HERE

I recommend the Chris Farrell Membership programme to you.

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10 SEO Tips to Make your Blog Post More Effective

When writing a blog post don’t just hit the publish button, use these 10 SEO Tips that will help your ranking and get more traffic to your site.

Here in no particular order are 10 SEO Tips which will make your blog post most effective. Here are the Search Engine Optimisation publishing steps you should use.

1. Keyword Research

Before you start to write anything you must determine if you are writing something people want to read. Is it something folk are asking about? To do this you should use two sites:

Google’s Keyword Tool – I look up the words I believe people would search for to find the post I plan on writing.

Google – I search those keywords to see the actual competition.

 2. Getting the Right Headline

Here a formula for crafting headlines for list posts:

[#][keyword][ eye catching phrase]

For title tag SEO, your goal is to place the keyword as near to the front of the headline as you can:

  • Top 10 Ways to Loose Weight for All Ages
  • 10 Essential plugins for WordPress for Designers
  • 5 Best places to buy Cheap Designer Brands

3. The Post Slug

The post slug is the text that shows up after the domain for every post or page.

When you type a headline, WordPress generates the post slug by placing every word in the headline into the slug. This clutters it up with lots of small words. But you can change your post slug to match your primary keyword.



4. Images

You should add images to grab attention. You can also use them to get great SEO benefits. For this you should use these steps:

  1. Save your images as [keyword-phrase.png] before you upload them to your site.
  2. Add alt text as [keyword phrase].
  3. Add title tag as [keyword phrase].

Apply these rules to your main image and others in your posts. For the images within the content, however, use alternative keywords. This is the 4th of the 10 SEO Tips.

5. Use Videos

Google likes the use of videos to make the content more complete. Using videos helps boost your ranking. Start making videos for your posts, upload them to your channel, and embed them in the post. If you don’t want to make your own you can embed other peoples’ videos in your posts.

10 SEO tips

So that’s the first five of the promised 10 SEO tips for making your blog posts most effective. Here’s the next five …………….


6. Use of Subheadings

Subheadings break up the content making blog posts easier to read. They also offer SEO benefits. When a search engine robot hits a page, it reads the headline/title tag first. Then it reads the H2, H3, and H4 tags. This is easy to do with WordPress, selecting the heading tabs.

When you add subheadings to your content, proper HTML is:

<h2>Subhead Level 1</h2>

<h3>Subhead Level 2</h3>

<h4>Subhead Level 3</h3>

Note: The headline/title tag should be automatically wrapped in <h1></h1>.

7. Interlinking

Another important step that the search engines like is interlinking between posts. Before you publish a new post, read through it and try to find a couple of opportunities to naturally link back to relevant posts on your blog. This keeps both readers and search spiders on your site longer. Here is an example.

8. Meta Data

It’s debatable if Google still looks at meta keywords, but the meta description is definitely still used. In a search result, your meta description often shows up as the little bit of text beneath the blue link. In writing your meta description, you need to keep three things in mind:

  1. It needs to be fewer than 155 characters – so Google will display the whole description.
  2. It needs to include your keywords because Google bolds them in search results.
  3. It should be an actual sentence from the post because people look for that sentence once they arrive.

You should always use your keywords in the last sentence of the introduction and use that as the meta description.

9. External Linking

Look for opportunities to link to other bloggers. External linking is widely believed to boost your SEO ranking. Link to high authority sites such as Wikipedia, the BBC, CNN or Newspapers.

10. Call to Action

And now the last of my 10 SEO tips……The final step to make your blog effective is to include a call-to-action. As with all  marketing material, a blog post should be designed to get someone to do something.

Here are a few popular calls to action:

  • Share – “If you liked this post please tweet it out.”
  • Comment – You can encourage people to comment by ending the post with a question or simply asking them to let you know what they think.
  • Implement – I believe the best result of any blog post is for a reader to take your advice and implement it.

So there you have it. As promised 10 SEO Tips to Make your Blog Post more Effective. I love to hear your comments or your top tips.

I’ve given you 10 SEO tips have you got ten of your own?

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Tips for SEO – How much does fresh content matter?

tips for SEO

Tips for SEO – fresh content

Anyone with a website knows that search engine optimization is a critical part of marketing.

So, how much does fresh content matter in SEO? Having frequently updated content is one of the core principles of SEO success. However, unless you integrate other key principles of search engine optimisation, fresh content will not matter.

It is a good idea to have fresh content, as many search engines, including Google, feed on it, and will usually give a higher ranking to a site that has updated and fresh content. However, standing alone, it does little, or nothing to get you rankings.

3 Tips for SEO

Some of the other things you need to be doing to get SEO on track include the following, as well as many other things:

1. Create quality content. It doesn’t matter what else you do, if your content is crappy, your SEO won’t be up to much. The reason is that traffic drives more traffic, but if people don’t like what they see, they won’t be coming back for more. If the site is poorly made, and the content is irrelevant, or not useful, they are not going to keep coming back. However, on the flip side, if they find that they always get value, and that they are sure to find consistency in when there is content, what the content gives them, etc. they will visit your site.

2. Build internal and external links. Linking is a huge part of SEO success. The first thing you have to do is optimize your internal links, making sure the right keywords are optimized, and that you are providing the right link text for back links. You want to make sure that you spend time on this, as it is completely within your control. Next are the external links. You get these by doing things like getting on local listings and directories. You do this by asking people to link to you. You do this by providing a “link to this page” box on every page you have on your site. Of course to do this, it overlaps with the first thing, and you have to have quality content that people want to link to. Take the time and effort to build your links externally and internally.

3. Optimize keywords. The next thing you want to do is optimize your keywords. You want to choose the keywords that are most relevant. You want to ensure that each page is optimized for specific keywords (usually no more than 3 per page), and that those keywords are in the title, and in the text.

If you do the above things in conjunction with providing fresh content, you will soar to the top of SERPs and find that Google, Yahoo! Bing, and other search engines love you, and rank you. High rankings is the kind of marketing tactic you need to achieve to be successful. These are sensible tips for SEO that businesses use everyday.

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These 3 tips for SEO will help your website to be more successful for you.

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How to master SEO – The thoughts of Google

Google shows start up websites how to master SEO in their own ten minute video.

Google has released a video that provides start ups with tips and suggestions about how to master search engine optimization in just 10 minutes.

The video features advice catered to small businesses with main web content on less than 50 pages looking to rank only a handful of related search terms. From how to add the best keywords and including analytics code on your site to how to approach marketing in general, Google aims to make it easier for start ups to get their brands ranked higher on search result pages.

how to master SEO

In the video How to master SEO,  Maile Ohye, developer advocate on Google’s Webmaster Central Team says:

“It’s great to have a fancy site, but try not to focus so much on site fanciness that you don’t actually have indexable and searchable text. You want to use relevant keywords naturally in your text. These keywords are like query terms that normal people would use to find your product or your business.”

E.g. Companies that sell athletic footwear should include terms that are likely to be typed into search, such as “running shoes.” Also, each page should include a unique topic, title and meta description for the snippet that appears below the link listed on the Google search results page, but meta keywords tags aren’t needed. Keywords should be in the file name and typed with lower case letters.

The anchor text for each of your links should also be clear and include keywords, whether you are linking to your site or another. This means that “click here” is not descriptive enough phrase to highlight with a link. Instead, it should be “product specifications” or something that better matches the link with the content.

Ohye also points out some major things to avoid: “Do not hire any rogue or shady SEO [provider] — if they guarantee rankings, it’s too good to be true,” she says. “Don’t participate in link schemes or buying links for the purpose of passing PageRank.”

Another question often on the minds of start ups is whether they should invest time and resources into social media marketing.

“Play to your authentic strengths,” she added. “It’s likely that your company has limited resources so if your CEO likes to tweet, go ahead and let them. If you have a salesperson who really enjoys Facebook, that’s terrific… and let them interact with the community there.”

The company has been relatively candid recently about how a Google search works. In April, a Google software engineer head detailed in a YouTube video how Google scours the web on a daily basis to provide the most up-to-date results to users and last month, it released an info graphic about how a Google search travels around the world to bring the latest results.

With such market dominance the thoughts of Google on How to master SEO is important to digest and use.

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How to sell on eBay?

Learning how to sell on eBay can be a useful money making method.

Thousands of people around the world are making a second income using eBay. It can be easy to make a few pounds or dollars but making a living needs you to learn what and how to sell effectively. You need to know exactly what to sell and understand how to source those profitable products to ensure you get plenty of buyers.

If you just want to sell bits and pieces to earn some extra cash then putting your own personal things up to sell on eBay is a great place to start. But, you will eventually run out of used items gathered up from your attic, garage, shed and friends, so you will need to decide exactly where your hot products are going to come from in order to sell on eBay profitably.

Buying products to sell on eBay is a great, quick way to start your own serious business and become a trusted, responsible eBay seller. However, if you choose to buy to sell on eBay, remember that you may need a small amount of money to start-up.

Firstly, you need to decide what to sell on eBay.

There are plenty of categories so take a look through and see what’s currently selling well. Chances are if a product is selling well for one eBay seller, you can sell it too! You then need to know the best places to find the product cheap enough to buy so that you make a good profit once you use eBay.

You might already be aware of some places where you can start looking to source products for your buy to sell on eBay business, but if not, then here are some pointers which will help you get your eBay business started.

Start your research here with these five sources of products!

1. Car Boot and Garage Sales

If you are starting small, Car Boot Sales are the perfect place to begin. Buying products to sell from here almost guarantees you will be able to buy products cheaply and you will have a wide range of items to choose from. Do some research beforehand so that you know that buyers will be interested in the products you source to sell via eBay.

2. Buy on eBay to Sell on eBay!

eBay itself is actually an excellent source for buying products to sell back on the site! Yes it can be that easy. You can buy wholesale lots or single items, it’s up to you, as long as you know what you are purchasing and you think you can retail on eBay for profit.

3. Dropshipping

Dropshipping companies are wholesalers who will ship products to your customers for you. They hold stock, you let them know when you make a sale on eBay and they dispatch the order to your eBay customer. This way, if you don’t have any capital, you don’t need to purchase products up-front to sell. You simply list, sell, order and they dispatch. You don’t need a warehouse for your products which is great if space is limited. You can do a Google or Yahoo search for dropshipper directories but do make sure they are a reputable company before you buy to sell.

4. Business Partnerships

It’s possible that a local business in your area may stock the products you require to populate and fill your eBay business. Contact them and see if they will sell to you at wholesale cost. You can then sell the product on eBay.

5. Craft Fairs

Crafts is a very popular category to sell within on eBay with plenty of eBay sellers to be found! Craft Fairs are excellent sources for unique or specialised products. Go and browse and chat with the stall-holders and see if you can come to an arrangement to buy a certain quantity of a product from them or set up an on-going exclusive partnership specifically getting products to sell on using eBay as your marketplace.

If you are aiming big with your eBay business then try the following:

– Trade shows where there is a wide selection of manufacturers and merchandise.
– Permanent Markets where you can meet up regularly with product suppliers and get low prices for retail or wholesale purchases.
– Online wholesale directories will point you to even more places where you can buy products for stocking your part of eBay.
– Importers/Exporters are great for larger quantities at very low prices, if you want to buy to sell on your eBay UK, or worldwide sites.

To be successful with eBay you need a guide that covers the following key topics;

  • Starting from scratch
  • Looking professional right from the word go
  • Good customer service
  • The source of thousands of best-selling products
  • Powerseller tips
  • Finding drop shippers
  • Automating your business

This is a picture of the guide that can be your guide to real success.

Sell on ebay - the essentials



So have a look at Amanda’s website and find out how to sell on eBay to help your make money on the internet.

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Make Money as an Affiliate

If you decide to make money as an affiliate you can source a vast arrange of products around the world that help your customers to solve a problem they have. If you want to make money on the internet you want to have something to sell. Selling affiliate products is one way to do this. I make money as an affiliate myself. It is a great way for anyone to start out.

Make Money as an Affiliate

ClickBank alone tells us they have over 100,000 affiliates, but these are only the active ones. The number of INACTIVE affiliates is far, far higher.Clickbank is the market leader but there are other similar sites selling self help and information products. And there is also amazon and other retailers who can link to.

And do you know the main reason why these affiliates fail? For many, it’s because they think that affiliate marketing simply involves putting their link on a traffic site or in a free ad.

The reality is that if you just use an affiliate link you are very limited in your ability to get traffic from the major sources:

  • You can’t use Google AdWords and most other PPC services
  • SEO (search engine optimization) is not possible
  • Article marketing is restricted. Most services ban affiliate links
  • Forum marketing is restricted. Most forums ban affiliate links

The truth is that there is one thing you MUST have.

It’s a proper PRESELL page.

That’s a page where you offer a review or recommendation for the product you are promoting. Something that entices the visitor to read on and click through as you explain, for example, the benefits of the product, how it worked for you, what the results were, and so on.

But the problem is that you need to put the presell page somewhere. Typically, this is on a hosted site.

So why doesn’t every ClickBank affiliate have a site?

Because it involves (they believe):

  • The high cost of hosting
  • The technicalities of setting up a site
  • The need to understand HTML
  • Advanced SEO techniques to attract traffic

No wonder they shy away from using the one strategy, which outranks all others – and consequently look on helpless as their ClickBank account doesn’t make money.

But it need not be like this.

Think ‘blog.’

If you don’t want to get involved in creating web pages there’s a wonderful alternative. A blog.

Putting a presell page on a blog is simply a matter of writing the content of a blog post then pressing the publish button. Then seeing it automatically picked up by the search engines thanks to the built-in blog pinging services.

In addition, simple low-cost hosting is sufficient for a blog, as you don’t need advanced features.

Make money as an affiliate


The presell page. Important to make money as an affiliate

The other great advantages of a presell page are:

  • You can provide a tempting bonus for the customer to claim after the sale
  • You can capture email addresses and build a list
  • You can add tracking links in addition to those provided by ClickBank
  • You can switch easily to a complementary affiliate program, if necessary, without affecting existing promotions

In summary, if you want to succeed as an active ClickBank affiliate, the small effort and expense to set up a blog and presell page will reward you a hundred times over.

If you need any help please feel free to get in touch.

You too can make money as an affiliate.

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Fulfilment by Amazon

The question asked of me recently was ‘why aren’t you using Amazon’s wonderful Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) service?’

To answer this I’ve got to ask myself… 

Do I believe Amazon’s FBA service to be as wonderful as it’s cracked up to be?  My answer is yes, but with some reservations.

Do I use Amazon myself?  My answer again is yes…but not for everything.

fulfilment by amazon






How Fulfilment by Amazon Can Help You?

There are a number of positives.

It can increase your Sales – Using Fulfilment by Amazon you give your products a competitive edge, compared to non-FBA listings, as your handling, packing and dispatch costs are lower than you might achieve fulfilling products yourself. You are granted greater visibility on the Amazon site, than comparative standard listings, which of course translates into more sales.

Members of Amazon Prime – An annual subscription service – are allowed free shipping on all Amazon fulfilled goods, which gives you a clear price advantage over your non-FBA competitors.

Sell Easily Across Europe – Using FBA allows you to tap into fulfilment options across Europe, specifically France and Germany, without additional marketing costs, or the need to worry about the language barrier.

Save Time and Money – By dispensing with the standard requirements of premises and staff, you save time and money.  From the privacy of your front room you can compete on level terms with most small to medium sized businesses.

Increase your Customer’s Satisfaction – Amazon is all about customer care. Amazon has a high degree of perceived trust with its customers, this same level of trust is automatically transferred, by association, to all your products.

Fulfil Orders from Your Own Site and other Channels – You don’t even need to be selling on the Amazon website to benefit from using FBA, as they offer a multi-site fulfilment service ie you can sell from your own website and still take advantage of FBA.

Where Fulfilment by Amazon is Less Useful?

There are a number of negatives.

Fulfilment by Amazon Restrictions

FBA will not handle certain products.  For a full list you would need to consult the FAQ section of their website, but in short, FBA will not handle:

  •  Hazardous goods
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Large or heavy goods e.g. washing machines or fridges.

Amazon cannot Answer Specific Customer Questions on your Behalf

For instance, I don’t use FBA for selling my music CDs.  This is because CDs are so small and easy to store, pack and post, that I’m happy to fulfil them myself.

One of the downside of using FBA is that if a customer asks you a specific question about your product e.g. the name of a composer, the record label, the country of manufacture, the date of manufacture, what the cover design is like, whether a CD contains a specific track or not etc., etc., then I like to be able to go and pick up the CD, inspect it and then reply straight away.

If all your CDs are in a FBA warehouse in Bedfordshire or Wales, then you will be unable answer your customer enquiries, which could lose you a sale. Such questions come up with sufficient regularity for it to be worth my while fulfilling my CDs from home.

However, that’s not to say that I don’t use FBA at all, as I do.  I use them for large, heavy, bulky items…such as books. The same with many household goods where I simply ran out of storage space at home and was happy for FBA to take care of this problem for me.

Either way, it’s great to have the option of choice and to know that the Fulfilment by Amazon service is there should we need it.

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How to get free traffic to your site – Using Social Media

Want to get free traffic to your site?

Well of course you do.

This short video by Georgina Lany explains some methods you can use to use YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to get traffic to your site, blog or website. It’s worth a few minutes of your time.

Georgina has made a living using these techniques to increase traffic to her sales orientated websites. She has made a reputation as an innovator. She has techniciques that you can copy.


This offers a quick summary of some of the techniques you can use. Social media is loved by the major search engines especially Google. You can benefit from their high Pank Ranks, some of it transferring to your site.

So whay not have a go and get free traffic.


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How to Write a Product Review

This article tells you how to write a product review, even if you don’t own the product.

I’ve written dozens of product reviews over the years and since I am not a multi-millionaire I couldn’t possibly buy each of those products to review. What I’ve done however is learned the techniques of how to write them in a way where we don’t need to own the product.

You don’t have to lie and say you’ve personally reviewed the product or make things up but we can still end up with a top quality review that is helpful to the reader. So for starters, let’s take a look at the actual question that was asked:

How to write a product review – even if you don’t own it!

You just like to know how you would write a review of a product which you haven’t owned or used. Rather than just saying… “Most customers who bought this product find it…” how would you structure it?

How can you add your own story as the introduction to make your review more interesting?

The key to writing product reviews when you don’t own the product is to do your research. This involves a bit of work on your part. This will require you to get in there and learn as much as you can about the product. But stay with me here because you need to remember that you only need a handful of pages to make a full time income.

The benefits of learning how to write a product review

Spending a day researching a product and writing a good product review can result in years of recurring income. With a product review, you only need to spend one day working on it and then if all goes to plan you can potentially receive a recurring income for years to come.

Researching means reading everything you can about the product. Read the Amazon product page and the reviews, find the manufacturers website and read about the product there, find any other website that refers to the product and keep reading. This shouldn’t take any more than a couple of hours. While you are researching you should take down as many notes as possible.

Once you have this information it becomes a lot easier to write about the product when you don’t own it. It is almost as if you do own it when you have this level of detail and understanding. But that still doesn’t answer the question on how to actually structure the review. Well this comes down to how you word your sentences.

Let us try an example to illustrate. Let’s use the iPad as an example. Now I own one of these and just love it so it is easy write a review about it. However the review would sound a lot different to what it would sound like if I didn’t own one. Here’s how they might differ:

Version 1: I Own the Product
What I really love about my iPad is that I no longer need to lug a big heavy laptop with all its heavy cords and cables with me when I am traveling.  The iPad measures approximately 10in by 8in and it literally fits into my handbag so I have done away with my laptop bag. It’s small but not too small that I have to squint to see the screen and is light enough and compact enough that it makes traveling a breeze.

Version 2: I Don’t Own the Product
You will no longer need to lug a big heavy laptop with all its heavy cords and cables when traveling. The iPad measures approximately 10in by 8in and will literally fit into your handbag or briefcase. You can finally do away with having to carry around that extra laptop bag. It’s small but not too small that you have to squint to see the screen and is light enough and compact enough that it makes traveling a breeze.

Notice how I am saying pretty much the same thing but in a very different way. Let’s try another example:

Version 1: I Own the Product
I’ve downloaded a multitude of applications since purchasing my iPad. This is what makes the iPad so great – without the apps, the iPad would just be a glorified laptop. I’ve downloaded games, magazines, recipe apps, books, weather apps, to do lists, project planners, office apps, utilities and so much more.

Version 2: I Don’t Own the Product
You can download a multitude of applications for your iPad. This is what makes the iPad so great – without the apps, the iPad would just be a glorified laptop. You can download games, magazines, recipe apps, books, weather apps, to do lists, project planners, office apps, utilities and so much more.

You can see how you don’t need to say you own the product to write a good review. It’s simply how you word those sentences. It basically means using ‘You’ instead of ‘I’. But don’t overdo it. You don’t want to have a review full of sentences that start with ‘You’.  So also include the word ‘It’ or the product name itself or other similar words. For example:

  • “It has a load of features including…”
  • “One of the best features is…”
  • “The iPad has a load of features including…”

Just keep wording your sentences using this sort of style and you should find it a lot easier to write reviews even if you don’t own the product.

Top tip on how to write a product review

Back to the earlier questions a tip for success is to write a story to go with your review. It’s a great way to get readers to keep reading so it’s a tip you should all try to learn if you are going to write good product reviews.

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Now it’s down to you, you’ve learned how to write a product review.

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10 Essential WordPress Plugins

Discover 10 essential WordPress Plugins

If you want to create successful blogs you need to use the best tools. WordPress offers a quick and easy way to set up your site. It is so easy to use and has plugins that you can download to make the site more effective.

The following is a list of the best essential WordPress Plugins that you should use to gain success. Using the ht tools will effect a higher level of quality and professionalism on your site.  WordPress uses an effective content management system offering a highly customizable platfors. There is an extremely large library of modular plugins that are available for download free of charge.

Essential wordpress plugins

This article is about the top 10 essential WordPress plugins that I recommend to anyone using the WordPress.

The list is in alphabetical order, not order of importance.

1)  All in One SEO Pack. Instead of trying to keep up with basic SEO on your WordPress blog manually, the all in one SEO pack places fields for your Title, Description and Keywords meta tags at the bottom of your new post page. You can even drag it up and place it right beneath where you write so that you do not forget you basic SEO tags and every article gets optimized.

2) Feedburner Feedsmith. This plugin detects every route that one may use to access your WordPress feed and channels them all to your Feedburner feed.

3) Google XML Sitemaps. This is a great one. his plugin will automatically build a sitemap for you and submit it to all of the major search engines each and every time your site is modified. Functionality includes prioritizing which pages are crawled as well as feedback as to whether sitemap submission was successful or not.

4) Login LockDown. This is a great plugin that assists in protecting against those brute force attacks where some script on some server in some country decides it is going to crack your installation. This plugin reduces the number of login attempts from a specific IP range to a small finite number. This one is definitely essential.

5) NoFollow Free. By default, WordPress adds the no-follow attribute to all commenter URL’s. This is great if you are worried about leaking PR but bad if you are worried about deterring SEO conscious visitors. This plugin removes the no-follow attribute allowing you to show a little “link love” to those who comment on your blog.

So that the first five essential wordpress plugins, lets find some more

6) TweetMeme Retweet Button. Are you part of the Twitter craze? Even if you are not, many people are and many fellow tweeters are looking to pass along useful information to their followers. The TweetMeme Retweet Button allows your visitors to easily post a link to your article to their Twitter as well as TweetMeme account. This gives your article great potential to go viral.

7) WordPress Database Backup. This one really needs no explanation. It is an unfortunately reality that databases are corrupted, servers fail, hackers hack, sometimes we accidentally hit the delete button and then save. Always back up your website on a regular basis. No excuses.

9) WP-CopyRightPro. This is one of my favorite plugins in that is disables the ability of the visitor to highlight, right-click, and copy the text on your webpage. This goes a long way to protect your work from individuals looking post it on their own site. This plugin was actually shown to me by a good friend of mine.

10) WP-SpamFree. With the rise of blog commenting as an SEO tactic as a means to gain back-links so many years ago, SPAM has become one of the fore-front issues facing bloggers. The sheer number of SPAM comments can literally overwhelm your blog if you are not prepared for it. Many comment posters are automated bots. Comments can easily number into the thousands if a keen eye is not kept on the pending comments que. This plugin automatically checks comments against an algorithm written to detect spam-like comments. The majority of SPAM comments are filtered out on the front end. Any that slip through will have the option of having their IP address blacklisted. This is a great plugin.

So that’s ten essential WordPress plugins. And…. one for luck!

WP OnlyWire Auto Poster. Social bookmarking is a great way to get traffic to your website. The WP OnlyWire Auto Poster auto-submits your posts to around 39 different social bookmarking sites. Like WP EzineArticles, this plugin assists in gaining back-links as well as driving additional traffic to your website.

So there you have it.

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Ten essential WordPress plugins that will greatly enhance the security, functionality, usability, retain-ability, survivability, sustainability of your blog among other things.



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